Hi:) My name is Eleonora Stefantsova

I am Founder and Lead Designer in LUVRE , and design is part of my DNA.
Hi:) My name is Eleonora Stefantsova
I am Founder and Lead Designer in LUVRE , and design is part of my DNA.
I change the souvenir industry through authenticity & proclaim beauty will save the world!
Museums, hotels, shows, cruises, conferences, and events attract live traffic of people.

In the world of digital entertainment and travel, these experiences have become a luxury.
I live with my creations – dishes, pillows, blankets, bags, scarves, so I experience them every day.

My degree is in fashion design, and my calling is furniture and interior design. During my 25 years in the industry, I've designed many things. I'm not afraid to experiment and create something new.
Back to the Future: from Digital to Real, from Virtual to Tangible When I get the perfect product in terms of quality and cost,
I know: It's love for my customers.
I create these as for myself, channeled through my personal aesthetic.
I'm thrilled that people love them!
They get emotions from my work, they feel my sincerity and passion.
years of design and furniture industry experience
years of working with top manufacturers in Asia
years of living and working in China
years as a member of the Russian Designers Guild
years of design
and furniture
industry experience
years of working with top manufacturers in Asia
years of living
and working in China
years a member of the Russian Designers Guild
in design and economics/ management
Publications in furniture magazines and TV interviews
12 years as CEO
and lead designer of a B2B furniture company, when I built a strong brand from ground zero, growing it into a leader of the US furniture market
In everything we do at LUVRE, I make sure that we approach personalization with care. Our cushions, blankets, candles or glasses with gold details in exquisite packaging become the highlight of any interior.
Attention to the smallest details turns the gift into a meaningful story.
When the recipient proudly displays your gift in their home, it becomes a symbol of the connection between the brand and the customer.

I enjoy working with souvenir shops, gift and art stores, trade shows, museums, cruise lines and hotels, events and immersive experiences.
Drawing inspiration from their techniques and artistry, I skillfully reinterpret their works, allowing me to create unique styles that celebrate their legacy.
As a result, their individuality shines through our client's brand and helps them stand out to their customers. We become the exclusive curators for our clients.
We help entrepreneurs, businesses, bloggers and e-commerce brands take their product from concept to market efficiently and effectively. LUVRE is the best resource for research, design, factory sourcing and production. Taking an idea from concept to market requires capital, internal resources and patience. I make sure that my company partners with clients to achieve the ultimate results. We provide the talent, technology, experience and efficient processes.
My LUVRE team does the work of entire departments for our client companies by taking over the supply of merchandise. We are the best in the industry as a boutique design studio + manufacturer and we've proven to be the most cost effective and profitable in terms of price/quality ratio.
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